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Pueblo Central High School is located in Pueblo, Colorado south of the Arkansas River. When we were at Central, our primary rival was Centennial High, north of the river. To this day, the annual Bell Game between the 2 schools is a major sport event in the city. Today, East High & South High have joined the school district as the baby-boomers came of age, and nearby Pueblo West has a high school as well.
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Pueblo was the second largest city in Colorado behind Denver, when we were at Central, but today it is 8th. Pueblo is the home of the Colorado State Fair. Pueblo is located at the confluence of the Arkansas River, and Fountain Creek, just east of the Colorado Front Range. We watched the sky over Pikes Peak, some 45 miles northwest, to check out the weather for the day.
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Central High Building

Central High is a Neoclassic building with stately columns at the front, and has had several additions over the years. CF&I Steel was the dominant employer in our district, and many of us had parents and grandparents who migrated to Pueblo in these search of jobs. The 12 noon whistle was the time standard for our part of the city. The shift change whistles would mark other times.

Our Background

Our classmates were born as WWII was ramping up in Europe, and before the US became involved. As we entered grade school, the war was ending.

We were at Central High for 3 years, with our freshman classes divided between Keating Jr. High and Corwin Jr. High. We retained "The Bell" from the Bell game during those years. Our principal was Sollie Raso, a very respected coach at Central before becoming principal.

Web Page 22th Birthday

Our Class Web page is celebrating it's 22th Birthday! We were born at the time of our 35th Reunion in 1993! That's 3 years before Google was conceived in 1996 and became public in 1997. Facebook wouldn't get going until 2004. Happy Birthday!

Our early pages offered just about everything in the 35th Reunion booklet on-line, and offered every classmate a Central58.org type-email. Both created problems, and we now limit the scope of information. We had a classmate contribution page and among others, Pete and Janet were frequent contributors.

Noted in '58 Wildcat

The following classmates were specially noted in our yearbook, the '58 Wildcat. Citation page references are included, ordered by page number.

  • Evelyn Nakamura (Morimoto), Head Girl p.38
  • Robert Young, Student Body President p.39
  • Joanne Snyder (Yockey), VP of Girls Cabinet p.44
  • Arthur Lewis, Vice President of Student body p.44
  • LeRoy Novak, Senior Class President p.89
  • Mike Chorak, 1st Team All-State football p.107
  • Loren Schweniger, 2nd Team All-State football p.107
  • Joann Pusedu (Virant), Miss Central 1957-58 p.108
  • Suzanne Taylor (Hentrich), Basketball Sweeheart p.118
  • Mary Jo Godec (Farley), Head Cheerleader p.129
  • Pat Smith (Berg), DAR Good Citzenship Award p.151
  • Charles Harbert, Science Award p.152, & Valedictorian

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Hall of Honor

The class of 1958 has these inductees in the Pueblo Central High School Hall of Honor.
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Dr. Loren Schweninger

inducted 2010

Dr. Charles Harbert

inducted 2011

Robert Glusick

inducted 2013

Robert Gardner, MD

inducted 2014

Robert Young, II MD

inducted 2015